Ethical style and me…

The TLDR introduction can be found on my about page, however if you enjoy a longer story, please keep reading!

mirror outfits

Back in 2009 I started researching for my dissertation. I wanted to see if our conceptions of waste were being altered due to our changing values towards fashion; I can’t remember exactly what conclusion I came to, but I did come away with a changed perspective on how I was going to continue shopping for clothes.

In the same way people speak of “cowspiracy” changing their lives and opinions around eating meat and dairy (full disclaimer, I haven’t actually seen it yet, and yes I do eat meat), the book ‘Sustainable fashion and textiles’ by Kate Fletcher did the same to me, but with clothes instead of cows.

Before this, I was a fashion and trend obsessed student. I would buy cheap versions of trends (There was a lot of neon and lurex involved), ugly sale items because they had a designer label and bought huge hauls from Primark specifically for a holiday and probably never worn again.

I remember making a plan with myself about how to keep up with the latest trends and deciding It would be ok to buy cheap versions of trends because they were so throw away it wouldn’t really hurt my bank balance.

I cringed for years after, every time that memory popped in to my head and I have never shared it publically or privately before. But you know what, I’ve come to terms with it and that’s fine! I didn’t really know any better, I was a fashion student and skint, so how good something would look and how much something cost me was the only consideration.

My research really opened my eyes to the two major concerns with the fast fashion world, the way people are treated and the way the planet is treated. There is a wealth of information out there concerning both these issues, and it can be daunting, but I would urge you, if you haven’t already to take a little look in to it, I would reccomend ‘Fashion Revolution’ as a good place to start!

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 21.42.32

When the big U turn happened I was obviously surrounded by articles, books and websites dedicated to slow, sustainable and eco fashion so there was a part of me that wondered whether it would just be another trend, a phase, like the neon leggings were (hello Nu-rave scene circa 2006!). But I’m pleased to say it wasn’t, time went on and here I am 8 years later.

That is why I wanted to start this blog, to try and document the ‘journey’ (urgh, sorry!) to finding alternative solutions. Not only better solutions but easy solutions, and stylish solutions. I don’t think being eco and ethical should be such a sub-culture (though thankfully it is becoming much more main street) It should just integrate easily in to our daily lives.

Not everything I do is kind to the earth or the people behind products I buy, but I’m trying and believe we can all just do the best we can. I wouldn’t want to shame anyone or make anyone feel bad for their decisions so I want to use this blog to record, share and navigate the world of sustainable and ethical style and to hopefully make some discoveries that can help myself and others access this world much more easily.

Wow that was a long introduction, I promise not to drone on so much in the future ;).

I would also love to hear about other peoples journeys to sustainable style so please do share or get in touch!



    1. Thank you dear Sophie! Oh good to know, always welcoming recommendations! Yes, I just saw that today, it’s definitely a positive idea but I always have that worry that it’s going to be a ‘trend’ and thus lots more companies will start ‘green washing’. Hmm lots to discuss next time I see you 😉 Xxx


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