Favourite Finds


To kick start my advocating of second hand shopping I thought it only fitting to share some of my most successful and favourite finds. While compiling my list and narrowing it down I realised that many of them are items that have been in my wardrobe for many years and have been worn and worn again, which I love!



The Kooples parka


Margaret howell shirt dress


cashmere jumpers



Vivienne westwood heart shoes



Not all of my second hand shopping purchases have been a triumph, I have definitely had my fair share of Ebay horror stories and impulse charity shop purchases that didn’t work out.

There was the cute sixties dress that I hadn’t noticed a huge (unfixable) rip in, the DKNY dress that was actually 2 sizes too large that and looked ridiculous and the pair of walking boots which were great untill the soles came off half way up Helvellyn. Oops! Lessons learnt (Maybe…).


Please share with me your best second hand finds, I love hearing other peoples success stories, or horror for that matter 😉


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