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My Shopping Rules


Over the years I have established 3 key rules that I generally try and stick to.


  1. Buy second hand where possible.

  2.  If buying new, buy ethically and sustainably.

  3.  If I can’t buy ethically, make sure it is something I LOVE.


The choice to shop second hand as my main source for clothes was mostly made for me, by the factor of MONEY, or lack there of it.  It was simply the most affordable and easiest way for me to start making my wardrobe more sustainable, and to also enable me to buy higher quality items.

margret howll


I am fortunate that in my ‘day’ job as a costume designer / assistant so large periods of my life are spent trawling through vintage and second hand shops for work. After years of practice I have picked up some great items for myself along the way as well as a few tips that can make the whole process much more easy, See my ‘Tips’ post here.

Items I usually buy second hand are;

  • Designer / high-end high street basics (Linen T-shirts, cashmere jumpers, wool trousers and silk dresses.)
  • ‘Trend’ items
  • ‘Situation’ items (I.e fancy dress, traveling, messy or one-off wears)
  • Sportswear
  • Coveted designer items, where I will constantly search for on Ebay and Vestiaire Collective until I find one in my size for the right price.
  • One off beautiful things (sometimes designer, sometimes vintage, those pieces you just can’t leave behind!)

The other two rules are pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to see a few of my most successful second hand items I have written about them here. 

Do you have any shopping ‘rules’?



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