Neal's Yard Remedies Seaweed Salt Scrub review

Summer Beauty : Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies peppermint and lime deodorant review

Product: Peppermint and Lime Deodorant

Price: £8 for 50ml

My skin type: Normal

Natural credentials: Free of parabens, synthetics, GMO and animal testing. 89% organic


In the past few years I have tried a few ‘natural’ deodorants but as someone who sweats quite easily I never really got on with them, i found most of them would make me honk worse than if I wasn’t wearing any at all. However I recently downloaded the ‘think dirty’ app and when I used it on the deodorant I have been using for a few weeks the result was quite alarming and gave me another push to try once again.

I decided to try Neal’s yard as I had a birthday voucher burning a hole in my wallet.

So, I can’t believe I’m saying this about a deodorant, but it smells beautiful, really fresh and lovely and non-toxic. I started using it when we had that ridiculous heat wave in June (here in the UK, the temperature reached the early 30’s which is almost unheard of).

After using it for a few weeks I would say it is nice, it’s not a wonder product but for a natural product I think it works pretty well, the scent seems to wear off after a few hours but It doesn’t seem to leave me as smelly as some other natural deodorants have done in the past, it just kind of contains it.

I have read a few reviews from other people saying it doesn’t work at all and at £8 a pop it’s not a cheap mistake to make but of course everybody is different, i will try to remember to update this after I’ve used it for a few months as that may make a difference to how I feel.

Neal's Yard Remedies peppermint and lime deodorant open topNeal's Yard Remedies review of deodorant

Product: Seaweed salt scrub

Price: £18.50 for 200g

My skin type: Normal to dry

Natural credentials: 100% natural origins, 62% natural minerals and salts and 6% organic.

Neal's Yard Remedies Seaweed salt scrub


I tend to find I am always on the hunt for a really good body scrub; I like to feel as though I’m washing with sandpaper and not many I have tried live up to expectations. Either the scrub part is too sparsely distributed or it’s just too soft and not satisfying in the slightest.

Fortunately for myself I had a birthday voucher burning a hole in my pocket, I was saving it to put towards a massage but decided to try this and the deodorant instead. I’m really glad I did as I LOVE this; the clay base is full of pumice so each squeeze exfoliates (it has the feeling of fine sand), and then distributed throughout are some mother hunks of salt, really big hench pieces that you have to be careful not to rub too hard for fear of actually hurting yourself,  but boy are they good! My skin afterwards is left so silky smooth and also smells really good too.

My only complaint and I have seen others discuss this but sometimes the large chunks of salt are too big and block the passage of the tube, which is frustrating and something hopefully Neal’s Yard will look in to changing.

Neal's Yard Remedies Seaweed salt scrubNeal's Yard Remedies Seaweed salt scrub

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