Classic White T-shirt

There are a few items of clothing I am always on the hunt for; the perfect leather jacket, the perfect grey jumper and the perfect white T-shirt. I have finally managed to cross off the grey jumper and I could of course drop $$$ to buy a designer version, but where is the fun in that?

The perfect white t-shirt is a thing of beauty, it is the staple to all those ‘effortless model off duty looks’ that when you break it down, they are simply just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. It’s all in the fit and the fabric!

It can’t be too tight, it needs the perfect slouch, the effortless chic look. The fabric needs to be a high grade cotton, so it’s soft but strong or a good quality linen will do, with this kind of fabric the T-shirt only gets better with age. The sleeve length needs to be thought about as well, but of course if it’s too long it can be rolled up, James Dean style.

I have trawled the net and found 3 pretty close to perfect looking White T-shirts that are currently available, I’m still looking though so hit me up if you have any recommendations!! I think America have a  pretty good deal having Everlane, is there anything similar over here??

classic white t-shirt-1.jpg




Brand: SHEER Apparel 

Price: £55

Fabric: 65% recycled polyamid, 35% elastane

Sizes: XS – M

I love the boxy fit and smarter style of this, it could easily be worn with both denim cut offs or a pair of smart trousers to the office.


Brand: Know The Origin

Price: £22

Fabric: 100% Fairtrade and Organic Cotton

Sizes: Uk 8 – Uk18

This might be ‘the one’ you know? The fabric looks beautiful and I love the cut of it. The price is also great, an affordable option for an ethical and organic product and I’m pretty sure if you take care of it this will only get better with age. Another bonus of this company is their sizes go a lot higher than a lot of other ethical brands.

I also have my eye on the coral version.


Brand: Samsøe & Samsøe (Via Lowie) 

Price: £64.95

Fabric: 50% Wool 50% Bamboo

Sizes: X-Small – Large

Ok so I know this one technically isn’t white, but cream can work too? Plus I was really drawn to the cut of the sleeves and also for some reason I am such a sucker for a wide neckband!

4. *Edited to add this option as it was only just released and I really couldn’t leave it off 😉

Brand: People Tree

Price: £35

Fabric: 100% organic cotton

Sizes: 8 – 16

SOOOOO CUTE!! I don’t even like cats that much ( just the normal amount, haha) but I love this new t-shirt from People Tree, Organic cotton so you know it’s going to be soft, the cat is a minimal but interesting detail, good sleeve shape and style but I think it’s the side slits really make it!




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