Brand Highlight : Finisterre


Ok today’s brand I would like to highlight was introduced to me by my boyfriend. He’s actually better than me at buying clothes from ethical and sustainable brands – Most of mine are second hand, where as he doesn’t have so much time to shop as I do so he tends to buy clothing new.

finisterre header

Finisterre the brand started back in 2003  with an innovative fleece, designed and made above a surf shop, made by people who love the sea, for people who love the sea. It is a brand geared towards people who love to be outside, who want practical clothing for an evening or weekend surfing, however although their items may appear to be fairly “basic” in that way, they really know how to make the most of fabrics and fabric innovation, details and prints.

So on to their ethical ‘credentials’;

They stand by the three guiding commitments of ‘Product, environment and people’ and are proud to say that they are making items that last. Not only that but in each of their shops they have a repair centre, which obviously I love and think all shops should have.

They are also a rather exciting company in the way they do things, involving their customers in road testing products. For example they just launched a road testing programme for their new wetsuits, are advertising for a wetsuit recycler to work in a materials development role in co-ordination with Exeter University to develop new wetsuit technology. Learn more about that here. 

So yeah, they are pretty committed to making the best product they can.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 18.15.34


Adam, the afore mentioned boyfriend, ordered himself a sweatshirt and a couple of t-shirts from them last summer, and it’s safe to say he loves them. The sweatshirt in particular has the most amazing texture, it’s really soft and almost silky, even after a year of wearing and washing it still feels amazing. The T-shirts also still look as good as new, they wash really well, hold their shape and haven’t pilled at all.





I have been eying up their swimwear, but with no beach holidays planned, and perfectly good options still in my wardrobe I couldn’t justify it. I may have, however, just ordered myself the neoprene bomber which is currently on sale 😉

I think sometimes with spending money on clothing we overlook basics, but they are definitely the things worth spending money on, especially if the quality is as good as Finisterre, it isn’t a cheap brand but these are clothes that will last you a long long time. (Maybe in another year I will update on the sweatshirt 😉finisterre collage one.jpg

They do have a few shops in London, Bristol and 2 in Cornwall but you can also find them on-line here.

Now, get me to the beach!!

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