Pick-me-up Purses and Pouches

When I’ve told people about starting this blog a few of them have then gone on to ask for recommendations for a certain product, which I love. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to start writing the blog in the first place and why I have made an Index to collect all the brands I find in one place.

One of my friends told me she was looking for a new pouch to replace one which was far too tired, so I jumped to the challenge to find suitable replacements. Over the last few weeks have been keeping my eyes peeled on Instagram, other blogs and in shops for items that I think are wonderful and that she might like too.

Below are the ones that made the cut, and keep scrolling below the images for more information about the brands, prices and pieces!

purses roundsup


What: Clutch Bag
Who: Beyond Retro Own Label
Price: £19

First up is this very simple pouch from the Beyond Retro own label. Depressingly apparently only 1 in 1000 garments makes it to one of their shop floors, so this is their way to use the other 999. They have their own in house team set up to turn un-wearable items in to wearable ones. I own the clutch in a navy blue leather which I love and use all the time, and also a laptop case made from green leather and lined with plaid flannel, I think I’ve owned them both for about 4 or 5 years now and they are both still in good condition, so I can definitely vouch for the quality.

Ok so as I was about to post this, this particular one has sold out, however they are continually making new items so it’s worth a look any way if you like this style!


What: Abstract Popper Purse

Who: Ark Colour
Price: £12.99

I was recently introduced to Ark Colour through a friend posting about them on Instagram and it was love at first sight. I knew instantly that I wanted to post about them but I wasn’t sure about their ethical credentials, I got in touch with them and within the hour had an answer! The leather is all sourced from the UK or Ireland and processed by a British tannery and then they are all made in Scotland.


What: Camels and Tigers makeup bag

Who: 20 Seventh Letter
Price: £22

I found these brilliant bags by 20 Seventh Letter therough Secrets of Green, the fabric is printed in Britain and the bags all sewn in London. This style is being sold as a make-up bag but I don’t see why it couldn’t be used as a purse, the fabric is too amazing not to be seen by everyone!!


What: Clutch / Purse
Who: Suede and co
Price: £30 +

The purse my friend wanted to replace was suede so I decided to have a quick look on Etsy to see if I could find one similar, which is when I came across suede and co, the quality of making really stood out and also the choice of colour ways. Suede and co was set up to repurpose off cuts from altering vintage garments (could there be a connection to Beyond Retro here?) so they are making sure as much of the fabric will be used as possible.


What: Girlhood Mini Clutch
Who: Tiff Manuell
Price: £60 +

Bought myself one of Tiff’s ‘pieces’ last year from the Tate Modern, a cardholder that I now use as an everyday wallet. Without fail, each time I pull it out it receives a compliment.

Tiff is an Australian artist who creates huge canvases of work which her and her team then cut up to create these wearable art pieces. Each item of course is unique and can’t be replicated, she sells them on her website as well as her Instagram, so I would definitely follow to make sure you don’t miss out on the ‘one’ that calls to you, and they are also sold in selected shops, check her stockists page to see if there is one near you.

puches flat lay

(Above is my clutch from Beyond Retro and card holder from Tiff Manuell)

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