Weekend Thoughts : Cruelty free animals or humans?

A few questions that have been bugging me this week.

I’ve asked questions before about the reasons ethical beauty is more accessible than fashion, as it’s something that affects us directly. (You can read that here) But that was more about consumers in general. This week I’m thinking more specifically about on-line influencers…

If you are promoting, buying and using cruelty free make-up and beauty brands, then on the same platforms showing off your high-street clothing, is that not hypocritical ?

Again I know some of it comes down to affordability and I am completely aware that a lot of ethical fashion just isn’t affordable for everyone, and of course we should care for and protect animals, but shouldn’t that same sentiment be extended to other human beings as well?

Is it lack of awareness and education on the subject that this happens or is it wilful disregard?

Do animals deserve more of our respect than other people? Is it ok to sell a vegan face cream while wearing a boohoo jumpsuit ?

Personally I don’t think it’s ok. If you are aware and aren’t interested in clothing and the ethical fashion world then that’s fine, but then I think it would be better to avoid promoting fast fashion along side slow cosmetics.

Sorry this post has become a little more ranty than usual but as always would love to hear your thoughts!





  1. I totally agree. I think people with a big following have a certain kind of responsiblity to influence people in a positive way, whether they like it or not. I actually unfollowed a couple of people, because I can’t stand to see a haul EVERY WEEK.
    I followed a girl for a while, who’s studying fashion design and announced, that she’ll start a new fashion related series. On her first video in the series someone asked, if she watched the documentary “The True Cost”. She said she did and was shocked. But the next videos in the series were fast fashion hauls. I can’t stand hypocrisy like that.

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  2. Oh good, I’m glad I’m not alone on this, I know it’s easy for influencers to get swept along but I think you need to have some conviction with the message you are spreading! That’s a shame that the girl didn’t take the documentary on board, hopefully it will at least sink in over time 🤞🏼

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