P.i.C Capsule Wardrobe | Brand Highlight

One of, if not the, best thing about starting this blog has been the recommendations of people, brands and products that people then share with me. It’s great! My sister introduced the brand I am going to ‘highlight’ today who is an ex-colleague of one of the founders.

Let me introduce P.i.C style or Partners in Crime. The idea behind PIC is that they produce 8 key pieces, which can then be styled in around 50 different ways, basically a capsule wardrobe. They also partner with other designers to offer a range of other products on their site, which compliment the key pieces.

Whether you embrace the capsule wardrobe or slow fashion or not I do think it’s important everyone should invest in an excellent set of basics, you know the usual ones you read about, tailored black trousers, little black dress and crisp white shirt, cliche maybe but unless it’s totally not your style (I have Susie Bubble in mind here) then it’s definitely worth your money.

This is what I think P.i.C do exceptionally well.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 16.20.09

So let’s take a closer look;

Made in England? Check

Locally sourced fabrics? Check

Sustainable and organic fabrics? Check

Affordable? Check

Mass produced? No – so be quick if your size is in stock!

For instance, my favourite piece, The Hackney Jumpsuit. It comes in 2 colours, though I will always opt for black, the straps are attached with buttons meaning you can fasten it anyway you like (well straight or crossed) and the bib is detachable leaving a pair of beautiful high wasted trousers. Genius!

PiC garments capsule wardrobe

The same also goes for the Pinny dress, with and the bib un-buttoning to create a lovely pencil skirt, the Camden dress is reversible and can also be worn unbuttoned as a sleeveless jacket and the cami top made from a gorgeous bamboo silk can be worn either way around.

So much more chic than your dads old zip off trousers in to shorts!

The prices I find very reasonable, considering what you are getting the quality to price value is extremely good. Also as someone who lived in Hackney for 6 years I am loving the names of the garments, just had to get that in there 😉 Find out more about them here.

How do you feel about a capsule wardrobe? Have you tried it?


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