Easy Ethical : ETHLETIC

Just a quick brand show case today as I am off on a work trip for 2 weeks. I hope to find some time to blog while I’m away, but considering I have been finding it difficult to do so while at home that may or may not happen! How do you other bloggers manage it!?

SO… My boyfriend is probably better than me at buying clothing from sustainable and ethical brands. While the majority of my clothes seem to come from second hand shops, his are usually new and mostly bought from ethical stores.

The other day he was looking for a new backpack, one with specific straps so he can carry his skateboard around, which took him down a tunnel of skate shops, and bringing to light the lack of ethical/ sustainable options in the skate brand category.

So he didn’t manage to find a responsibly made bag yet (open to recommendations ??) but he did discover and introduce me to the German brand ‘ETHLETIC‘ – a sustainable, ethical and vegan sneaker company making shoes suitable for skateboarding (though not exclusively!)

ethletic collage sustainable shoes

(Images above from the ETHLETIC website and Instagram)

Nothing groundbreaking in the style or design of the shoes, but they are definitely a simple and classic design which is great for everyday casual wear. They also come in endless colour options, so hopefully something for everyone. Not only that but they also have a pretty good blog, sometimes with brand blogs they can be very hit of miss, but I think Ethletic have a good mix of brand and non-brand related content. If you are interested to find out more you can view it here.

Hope you are all having a good week!

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