Staying Sustainable : Travelling with work

Wow, ok so last time I checked in here I had such high hopes of being able to blog while being away with work, however you can see that that was a huge fail! I was staying in hotels, one of which you had to pay for wifi (rude! haha) and the other one just didn’t have it, so there was no chance of any blogging happening! I do have to say though that it was quite nice to only have snippets of 3G, enough to stay in touch with friends and family but not enough to really get sucked in to scroll holes 😉

For those of you who don’t know, I work as a costume assistant for lots of different things, including film, Tv and theatre. For the past two and a half  weeks I have been working down in Cornwall.

Anyway, being freelance, these jobs usually become all consuming and tend to take over your life if you’re not careful, I have also found in the past that this is also when my ethics and morals towards being sustainable really come under pressure, and I think for most people who have busy jobs and lives this is a really common problem.

With this in mind, I thought it might be an idea to take a look at my time away and have a look at where I failed or succeeded at living sustainably  and ethically and where and how It could be improved.

But first, Cornwall!

IMG_9675Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 16.19.49

So dreamy!


Prepping and Packing is where I probably succeeded the most, due to having the luxury of time to plan ahead.

  • I knew I would need a good quality all weather coat and managed to purchase a second hand North Face a few weeks in advance.
  • I also needed new walking boots as my 10 year old ones finally gave up the ghost. This is where I maybe failed a little as I left it too late to properly do research in to brands. I ended up opting for CAT who are known for being good quality so would be sustainable in that sense. I then also went for something more ‘stylish’ than practical as again I knew I would ultimately get a lot more use out of them.


Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 11.28.23

  • I packed tea bags, a small cafetiere and some ground coffee so I would be able to make myself nice coffee instead of having to buy it daily.
  • I also packed a tin water bottle to use everyday and also invested in a new flask. This one (Drink pod) by Pioneer and OMG I couldn’t recommend it enough. It kept my drink warm for hours, has a proper seal so I didn’t have to worry about just chucking it in my bag if I needed to rush off, but being a cup shape with a handle just felt much nicer than a flask shape. Having both of these items meant I saved using and disposing of anywhere between 3-6 paper cups a day!


  • Breakfast and lunch was always provided, in the mornings I would always have porridge that would come in a paper bowl, not as good as china but better than plastic. However there never seemed to be any stainless steel spoons! Only plastic. This is where people probably thought I was a bit weird as I just decided to use a fork instead of wasting a plastic spoon every day.
  • Again Lunch would always come in a paper box but with only the option of plastic cutlery so I had to succumb – this might be a thought for the future though to take my own cutlery.
  • Dinner is where I failed the most. I ate out a few nights but as that gets expensive fast and living in a hotel with no fridge or cooking implements it gets very difficult. I resorted to pre-made salads a lot of nights which of course come in plastic, so I was not sustainable there in the slightest. Again if I had planned more ahead I may have been able to find better options.


Over all also I just have to mention that I love how this production was actually trying to be more sustainable, as mentioned before, food served in paper not plastic, large water sources provided over individual bottles, and SO many of the crew were wearing Finisterre, there was a Finisterre beanie in every colour 😉 (I think you get them free when you spend over a certain amount) love it!

Anyway I would love other if anyone else has any tips or tricks for staying sustainable while travelling with work?? I feel it’s a lot harder as you don’t have the luxury of time like you do if you are traveling for leisure!




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