Ethical Alternatives : CÉLINE TRIO

I’ve been looking for a nice cross body bag for a while now, something I can use on nights out (LOL on those are rare occasions) but also something I can use for work. With my job sometimes I spend days on end out shopping with a suitcase or shopper in tow so a cross body is ideal for me to access my purse, ipad and tape measure.

The famous Céline Trio was recently bought back on to my radar and I realised that it would be the perfect solution. The three (Same size) pockets would be SO useful for staying organised during work trips, and I believe that one of the pockets detaches to be used as a clutch also. Not only that but I do love how they look, super chic, clean and a classic.

However. Designer bags are not really known for their ethical credentials, I suppose this is where it gets tricky again and where asking ‘who made my clothes’ is an important question to ask.

So who makes the Céline Trio bags? I found it difficult on the surface to find out much about the brands ethical credentials, though according to the app ‘Good on you’ their rating is very low.


In the mean time while researching I decided to take a look at what else is out there, in a similar style, made in an ethical way for sure.

Matt and Nat have a really nice style very close to the Trio, it’s also 1/5 of the price, is vegan and was made ethically and sustainably. My only hesitation, and yes it’s a superficial one, but I’m not really loving any of the available colours, I was quietly hoping for something quite bright, like a cobalt blue or poppy red, but the ‘Jam’ colour way may just do the job! 😉

I also came across London based designer ‘Kate Sheridan’ who focuses on UK production, naturally tanned and responsibly sourced leather. Her version is the Tuck Tite Bag, its style is a bit more ‘organic’ and only has two pockets, but it looks roomy and again the strap is removable. Again my only “problem” is it only comes in two natural colour ways, haha.

Trio bags

Of course there is always the option of buying second hand – and 100% if I decided to go for a Céline it would be second hand, no way can I afford £600+ (!!) plus the lack of ethical policies. However a little thought keeps popping in to my head that if I can find an ethical option new I should purchase that, as they say, Every time we make a purchase, we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.

What would you do?

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