#1 Knitwear : Genevieve Sweeney

My two great clothing passions are shoes and knitwear, everything else is obviously great but nothing draws me in like great pair of shoes or sumptuous, soft knits.

Now the weather is most definitely autumn (here in the UK at least), it is finally time to share one of my all time favourite designers. I’ve been waiting to write about this label since I began the blog, as it is a brand that started me on the ‘easy ethical’ route. Great companies making beautiful products that don’t cost the earth (literally and figuratively).

So, let me introduce you to; Genevieve Sweeney Premium British Knitwear.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 08.52.59

It appears to be a common theme on this blog, that a lot of brands I feature are known to me through mutual friends, and this also happens to be the case here. One of my oldest friends, who is also a knitwear designer, introduced me to her friend who had just set up her own label, back in 2015, and that was Genevieve. At the time, to be polite of course I had a quick look, but to my relief I didn’t need to pretend to be polite, and I was pretty much hooked then and there.

Genevieve Sweeney knitwear specialises in utilizing traditional knitting techniques for designs that are current, modern and incredibly stylish, although it sounds like an awful cliché, the epitome of ‘classic with a twist’. Her hand Intarsia (one of those fast declining techniques) is quickly becoming her signature, and basically means ‘hand inlaid’ – so those beautiful patterned jumpers you see here have a lot more going on in them than you would originally think, and it’s that sort of attitude I love. Why not try to keep these techniques alive!

GS knitwear mens and womens copy

Another little treat that GS offers is for a small fee (£5) you can have up to 3 initials woven on to any garment, so for presents it just adds that extra touch of luxury, but again is also the beauty of an independent brand offering that little extra to make the over all experience a joy.

So what makes GS ethical? Genevieve works very closely with British manufacturers and suppliers, visiting and building relationships with them all. I would urge you, if you are interested to watch this short video which really explains everything so much better than I could!
Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 09.35.25

I now own 2 GS jumpers and have bought multiple pairs of socks to give as gifts and I can whole-heartedly say that the quality is sublime. The first jumper I purchased was a Rae in Navy around Christmas 2015, I wear it A LOT and it still feels as soft as the day it arrived, it doesn’t pill too much (of course there is a little) is incredibly cosy and to put it simply is my favourite jumper, So much that I’ve decided to buy another one in poppy red for this winter.

The prices of garments is definitely on the mid-higher end of the scale, however it is totally reflected in the quality, after having owned and worn GS jumpers for 2 nearly 3 years I can not recommend them enough. If you can easily afford them, then it’s a no brainer, but if you can’t so easily I would say it is a worthy ‘investment’ item. In the past also Genevieve has sales, there is currently an archive sale on the site with up to 50% off certain styles, and she often gives out small discounts for special occasions, so sign up for the newsletters to stay in the loop.

GS knitwear kids and socks

I have had the pleasure of meeting Genevieve at our mutual friends birthday, and although the amount of cocktails consumed has made the night a little hazy I do remember her being utterly lovely, which just makes buying from a small label so much better.

GS caters for everyone and her range extends from jumpers to other knitted goods such as socks (the colour range is on point!), hats, gloves and scarf’s and you can view the full range by clicking HERE and follow on Instagram Here.

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