12 Days of ….

I decided, quite last minute, to do an on-line “ethical advent” calendar over on my Instagram. Each day highlighting an ethical item or company that would make a great gift idea, something happening, a DIY or anything really within the festive spirit.

Anyway a few days in to it my phone was stolen, and I have only just got around to ordering a new (refurbished) one, which has made keeping my advent commitment up rather tricky. I’ve been going between borrowing my partners phone and trying to use my ancient I-pad which likes to crash just as I press “post”.

Anyway I thought now that we are 12 days down I would post them here as well and give a bit of an explanation as to why I picked them.


Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.22.40

DAY 1 : Inspired by my Ehical pop-up shop post I wanted to share again the opening of the Know the Origin pop-up on Redchurch street – still open! Follow them here. 

DAY 2: I wanted to give a little nod to the first ethical blog that I really enjoyed reading – Moral Fibres, follow here

DAY 3: MakeSMTHNG week – because what can be more ethical than making something yourself? Follow along here and see what thousands of people have been making!

DAY 4: Tamay and me! A beautiful brand selling jackets inspired by and made by members of the Red Dzao tribe in Vietnam, really beautiful but simple so easy to incorporate in to your wardrobe – follow them here.

DAY 5: I think I am always going on about how much I love knitwear, so I wanted to give a little shout out to this Wiltshire based designer, Flock by nature, making beautiful pieces from 100% merino wool, all thoughtfully produced of course and on top of that 10% of profits go to charity – Follow and find out more here.

DAY 6: I couldn’t do this without talking about ‘self care’ as well, It’s so important to take a little time out and treating yourself, I love yoga for this and Yoga with Adriene is my home practice of choice. She is incredible and this Self Love practice is perfect – Find it here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.22.30


DAY 7: When thinking of what recipe I would like to include in my calendar, Izy automatically came to mind. I love her no-nonsence approach to beautiful and delicious food and as I hope to make cinnamon buns a seasonal tradition (I made them last year so it almost counts right?) I knew hers would be the one to include. Follow her here.

DAY 8: My blog and Instagram (and I hope this comes across) as a place to share amazing sustainable and ethical brands, so I couldn’t keep this one to myself when I came across them recently, though I’m probably one of the last ;). Bye IKEA because Warm grey Company are making super cool, sustainable storage solutions that are SO AFFORDABLE! Woo – find them here.

DAY 9: Affordable, home made, sustainable christmas decorations? Dried orange slices are SO pretty, smell lovely and are easy and cheap to make, there are hundreds of tutorials out there, like this one.

DAY 10: Again I couldn’t have done an calendar and not included Genevieve Sweeney, I think it’s pretty obvious that I am a fan of her knitwear! Follow her here.

DAY 11: This one is a bit of debut, Pangboards is a new company making beautiful skateboards out of reclaimed wood, an awesome gift idea. Follow them here.

DAY 12: I mentioned when I posted it on my Instagram that I like to usually stick to UK brands for the sustainability factor, but there is something so great about this French brand Hotel Vetements – find them here.


So that’s the first 12 days of my calendar ! Follow me in Instagram to see the next 12 here!

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